Die .XNC GmbH kümmert sich um Ihre HomeOffice- und Remote-Anbindungen!

Next Generation Firewall für Filialen und Remote Offices!
In Verbindung mit dem kostenfreien Zero-Touch-Deployment und dem kostenlosen OneConnect SSL-VPN Client können Kunden nun schnellstmöglich auf Home-Office umstellen.

Clavister ermöglicht eine einfache und kostengünstige Umstellung auf Home-Office-Arbeitsplätze. Um die Entscheidung noch leichter zu machen, gewährt der Hersteller auf seine klassischen Home-Office-Firewalls NetWall E10 ab sofort bis zum 31.03.2020 einen Sonderrabatt für alle Interessenten.


Sicher und Remote arbeiten mit Mateso Password Safe für jeden Mitarbeiter und überall einsetzbar

20 % Rabatt auf Password Safe bis 30.06.2020, Passwörter von CureVac gehackt

Gerade jetzt ist eine sichere IT-Infrastruktur unabdingbar: Passwörter des Impfstoffherstellers CureVac sind heute durch Datenleaks öffentlich gemacht worden und das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik warnt vermehrt vor Cyberangriffen ... 

Aufgrund der derzeitigen Lage möchten wir Unternehmen bestmöglich unterstützen. Deshalb bieten wir einmalig 20 % Rabatt bis einschließlich 30. Juni 2020.* Dieser Rabatt bezieht sich ausschließlich auf Erstbestellungen sowie Upgrades und Erweiterungen (Softwarepflege ausgeschlossen).

*Eine Kombination mit anderen Angeboten wie NON Profit ist nicht möglich.

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    right from the start

  • IT

From the IT-Security we have grown. Our extensive know-how in this area provides the basis for all our services.

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  • WLAN –

    with passion

  • WLAN

Wireless = unbound = free. But the right installation, maintenance and protection of a WLAN network has to be learned. Do you want to be free?

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    we live data center

  • RZ

The reliable operation of a data center is based on care and knowledge about the interaction of all components. We embody both …

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    Gained in practice, for use in practice

  • consulting

Insecurity is not just a state in the network; insecure ist he one who doesn’t feel well-advised. You want to be safe? The next klick is the first step.

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What makes a good IT service provider (in your opinion)?

Should they be experts in all areas of IT? 
No! They should set priorities and respond to real demands on an individual basis. A true expert is knowledgeable in the areas in which they have many years of experience.

Should they always jump onto the bandwagon of the latest trends and advise you about them?
No! They should be familiar with them but only let you know about them if they make sense for you.

Should they advise you, but in an as neutral and detached way as possible?
No! They should know you and speak your language - professional but approachable.

Should they line up to join the multitudes of other service providers on the market?
No! They should be unique, have character and roots, but also international experience.

Do you agree with all of these No answers? Then you're in the right place! Welcome to the website of XNC from Cologne.

We invite you to have a look around and see what we stand for, what we can provide and why we are the right partner for you.

We are competent, we are unique, we are XNC!


About us

Everything securely under control

Password Safe protects your data from unauthorised access by third
parties and flexibly meets your company's requirements. A centralised
database guarantees secure cooperation within teams. Approvals are
granted on a time-limited basis and access is controlled based on roles.
The retrieval of a password is verifiable at any time.

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Solutions from Fortinet

The high-performance network security platform from Fortinet offers
solutions for the kernel space (internal segmentation), the border area
(next generation firewall) and access (secure access).
The network operating system provides sufficient flexibility for all volumes
and environments, from carriers to small firms

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Industrial strength

We live in a tough world. Consumers demand the highest levels of availability
of goods and ever shorter delivery times. We have over 20 years of experience
in a variety of areas – our customers benefit from this valuable experience.
Service providers that want to improve their hybrid cloud experience, fleet operators
that would like to protect their internal communication flows, retail companies looking
for a competitive edge – The Clavister range could be exactly what you are looking for.

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The technology pioneer for your network security

With macmon Network Access Control you can now know, at all times,
which devices are in your network, you can efficiently monitor the PCs,
printers, laptops, medical and technical devices that you are using at any
time, and protect them from unauthorised access. Guest and employee
devices (BYOD) can be simply and securely approved via the guest portal,
using dynamic management of the network segments.

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Strong defences in your branches

Whether it's malware, unauthorised access, denial-of-service attacks
or new types of threats – with Cisco routers you can also secure your network in your
branches. The required security functions are integrated directly into the
routers – for optimal protection from complex threats with
outstanding performance and low costs.

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Your 2-U solution with four sockets.

Outstanding performance and cost efficiency for standard databases,
virtualisation and VDI.

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The YubiKey supports various authentication methods by combining the features
of many devices. With a single YubiKey you can generate a one-time password, log
on to your computer by Smart Card/PIV function, authenticate via FIDO U2F to multiple
applications and much more.

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