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.XNC – unique expertise

Experts in a particular area are not made overnight. It takes years of working in the area, gaining experience, developing a consulting concept and continuously reviewing it, and passing on the knowledge they have gained to their customers. This is the approach we stand for at Xenologics Networks & Communications GmbH, (.XNC for short).

We have been working in the area of IT security since 1994. The security of IT systems and infrastructures is still our passion. That is where we come from and it remains our focus. However, our consulting expertise in IT security has also formed the basis for developing into other areas - such as WiFi and computer centre services. This is because none of these segments can get by without the professional securing of all devices, components and networks.

For this reason, the services provided by .XNC are based around four pillars.

We provide customised IT security solutions tailored to the individual needs of each customer in these areas. We operate both within Germany and internationally for the widest imaginable variety of small and medium-sized and industrial companies.

We only work with manufacturers that we ourselves trust and with solutions that we would employ ourselves, in order to be sure that we are providing you with the best possible support. We are also a partner of DENIC eG and a member of the Bundesfachverband der IT-Sachverständigen und -Gutachter (BISG - German professional body for IT service providers) and the non-profit organisation RIPE Network Coordination Centre (NCC) – partnerships that benefit you.

Our understanding of consulting and support is based on a holistic approach. This means that we don't abandon our customers after providing an initial analysis. Instead, we support them in a solution-focused way until the conclusion of the project - and beyond. .XNC Support is an important pillar in this regard.
As we are there for you 24/7 – personal, direct and without queues.

Everything securely under control

Password Secure protects your data from unauthorised access by third
parties and flexibly meets your company's requirements. A centralised
database guarantees secure cooperation within teams. Approvals are
granted on a time-limited basis and access is controlled based on roles.
The retrieval of a password is verifiable at any time.

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Solutions from Fortinet

The high-performance network security platform from Fortinet offers
solutions for the kernel space (internal segmentation), the border area
(next generation firewall) and access (secure access).
The network operating system provides sufficient flexibility for all volumes
and environments, from carriers to small firms

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Industrial strength

We live in a tough world. Consumers demand the highest levels of availability
of goods and ever shorter delivery times. We have over 20 years of experience
in a variety of areas – our customers benefit from this valuable experience.
Service providers that want to improve their hybrid cloud experience, fleet operators
that would like to protect their internal communication flows, retail companies looking
for a competitive edge – The Clavister range could be exactly what you are looking for.

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The technology pioneer for your network security

With macmon Network Access Control you can now know, at all times,
which devices are in your network, you can efficiently monitor the PCs,
printers, laptops, medical and technical devices that you are using at any
time, and protect them from unauthorised access. Guest and employee
devices (BYOD) can be simply and securely approved via the guest portal,
using dynamic management of the network segments.

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Strong defences in your branches

Whether it's malware, unauthorised access, denial-of-service attacks
or new types of threats – with Cisco routers you can also secure your network in your
branches. The required security functions are integrated directly into the
routers – for optimal protection from complex threats with
outstanding performance and low costs.

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Your 2-U solution with four sockets.

Outstanding performance and cost efficiency for standard databases,
virtualisation and VDI.

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The YubiKey supports various authentication methods by combining the features
of many devices. With a single YubiKey you can generate a one-time password, log
on to your computer by Smart Card/PIV function, authenticate via FIDO U2F to multiple
applications and much more.

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